About us

A Lupe Indústria Tecnológica de Equipamentos para Laboratório LTDA – ME (LUPETEC) was founded in November 2006 to supply the market with the manufacturer of equipment for Pathological high-tech laboratory and extreme reliability and to continue the work of the former Lupe Industry and Trade LTDA (Lupe).

Located in São Carlos, São Paulo State, known as Capital Technology has its own facilities and suitable for production and control of the equipment parts in a high quality standard.

LUPETEC is perceived by its customers as a company of extreme agility, differentiating the quality of its products and extreme efficiency of their outsourced service.

LUPETEC has accumulated extensive experience in the design, manufacture and application of products for pathological laboratories, which enables it to deliver high performance products for this segment.

It is continually invests in training its employees in updating and maintaining their equipment and search refinement within the most stringent quality standard and certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and C.E. mark.

Quality Policy

Through the improvement of our processes and products, develop and provide quality equipment that enables accurate and reliable diagnoses.

Our Vision

Develop and produce the best equipment for process diagnostics of Pathology.

Our Mission

Provide better quality of life through the development of equipment for cancer diagnosis.

Our Values


Keeping with stakeholder relations fair and acceptable


Have the obligation to answer for their actions


Have an obligation to make it right


Acquired over time in living with our customers and processes


Exercise our activities with integrity and honest