Tissue Processor PT05 TS

Robust equipment easy to handle, mounted in tubular frame plate in high resistance plastic resin finishing.
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The principle of histological processing consists in diffusing reactants to the interior of the tissues and the removal of tissue fluid that, after fixation of the material itself is employed fixative.
The tissue processing also makes the hard fragments capable of providing sectioning thin and delicate slices for observation under the microscope.
Various substances can be used as a means of inclusion; However, in the conventional processing, commonly is used paraffin.
The processing material for inclusion in paraffin goes through three stages: dehydration, clarification and impregnation.
To realization and optimization of this process was invented Automatic Tissue Processor.


Robust equipment easy to handle, mounted in tubular frame plate in high resistance plastic resin finishing .

External finishing in white resistent to the lab environment and products as xylol.

Micro-processed central digital touch screen, which controls all functions of equipment such as: date, time and year and equipment adjustment parameters configuration.

Daily schedule for 24 hours and slow time for weekends or extended holidays.

Changeable programming with selectable time interval according to the need of the operator. Ability to pause processing in any bath or position.

Adjustable bath speed and time control allowing total flow fully preventing contamination of one bath to other.
High duration battery own up to 10 years allowing data protection even in lack of power situations.

+/- 20 min continuos operation in lack of power situation. energy provided by nobreak variable according to nobreak capacity.

Protection sensor that controls paraffin mugs individually with visual and sonorous alarm protection for sub and super heating.

System protection not allowing the penetration of the last xylol paraffin bath, in case of not agreeable selected temperature parameter.

Automatic stop at end of cycle system. 9 storage protocols programs pre-selected by operator.

System oscillation inox basket with capacity up to 70 cassettes, wich improves the processed material quality.

Paraffin bath temperature control in panel, with adjustable sensitivity to 80 c +/- 1 c. capacity up to 140 plastic cassettes using 2 baskets.

Capacity to 10 quimical baths and 2 parafin baths, totaling 12 baths of 1000ml each.

Sealant bath lid that fully prevent environment contamination.


Capacity: 1 liter of reagent for bath

Height: 560 mm
Width: 670 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Power: 500 watts
Voltage: 110 volts or 220 volts 50/60 hertz

01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate
02 stainless steel baskets with a
Capacity of 70 cassettes each
10 glass containers for chemical
Reagents and 01 as a back-up
02 paraffin mugs
01 nobreak
500 cassettes.