Microtome MRP2015

Aluminium alloy plataform with antioxidant treatment and epoxy paint.
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To allow analysis of tissue by light microscopy, they must be sectioned into thin and uniform slices. The optimum thickness may varies with the purpose of the study; it is recommended that the thickness from 4 to 6 mm in routine laboratories.
The instrument able to fabricate cuts with such precision is the microtome, consisting of three parts: body, block holder and object holder. It is considered also that some models have two handles, an adjustment crank and another cut.
Rotary Microtome is the smallest and most used instrument for light microscopy included in paraffin and tissue.


Aluminium alloy plataform with antioxidant treatment and epoxy paint.

Developed for precise and sequential paraffin and resin material cuts, through holder and tungsten razors (optional).

Manual cutting system operated by right sided main wheel and advance, retreat and thinning operations by left sided wheel.

Main wheel lock system in any position as safety measure or additional mechanical lock system in 12 hour position.

Thickness cutting selection between 0,5 to 60 micron. Allow material cut in larger areas.

Micrometer advance and retreat system of the specimen through turnstiles and vertical guide system of slipping system through roller lubrification free.
Self-retraction manufactor adjusted system to 200 micron, preventing contact between sample and razor on every cut during the return to top position.

Samples holder that allows fixation of large samples included in blocks with sizes up to 55mm x 55mm or materials included in plastic cassettes.

Guidable system of specimen holder for quick change and fixation. Sample guider in 2 x and y axis with angle from 8 to 360 degrees.

Base and sub base razor compound holder allowing adjust of diferent kinds (low and high profile dispose, tungsten or fixed of 120 or 160mm)

Retraction on/off by external mechanism through lever system.

Sub base with lateral displacement, left and right, to 25mm in course, wich allows full use of the razor sharpness without user contact.

Fast trinning system (auto-trim) semi-automatic manual with vertical lever
Integrated on frontal panel for trimming in 10 or 50 microns on each turn of the main wheel.

Tray for disposal of waste with ergonomic design

Warranty: 12 months for manufacturing defects permanent specialized technical assistance


Temperature range: + 10 c to + 40 c
Retraction of sample: 220 micron
Cutting thickness:
0 to 2 micron in steps of 0.5 to 0.5 micron
02 to 10 micron in steps of 1 to 1 micron
10 to 20 micron in steps of 2 to 2 micron
20 to 60 micron in steps of 5 to 5 micron

Displacement of the guides:
Horizontal up to 40 mm
Vertical up to 70 mm

Thickness range of cuts: 0.5 to 60 microns

Height: 295 mm
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 550 mm
Weight: 26 kg

Additional information:
01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate
01 box of high profile disposable blades with 50 units

• knife holder for fixed knives of 120 or 160 mm (optional).
• tungsten knife holder for historesin and plastic materials cutting (optional), sample holder for blocks, cassettes and other materials.