Paraffin Dispenser DP2010

Equipment built with high strength pu resin, external finishing in white with epoxy paint.
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The inclusion is based on placing with the aid of a preheated clamp the tissues that were previously infiltrated in paraffin in a basemold which already contains liquid paraffin on the surface to be split (to be cut in the microtome) downward.
The fragments should be placed in heated paraffin while avoiding the formation of air bubbles around them. After cooling, the paraffin blocks included in the material are obtained.
To make a good inclusion, it is necessary that the fragment is completely dehydrated, clarified and properly impregnated.
With the aid of the paraffin dispenser, may be easier to include more quickly and effectively.


Equipment built with high strength pu resin, external finishing in white with epoxy paint.

Aluminum inner tank in black with electrostatic powder paint which provides an excellent resistance to oxidation.

Digital temperature controller, providing an easy control and visualization of work temperature.

Dispenser nozzle with dosage control for paraffin outflow

Internal filter that preventing clog by coarse particles mixed in paraffin.

Temperature control: room temperature up to 90 degrees with a variation of + / - 2 degrees through digital thermostat.

The design pragmatic functions meets the use requirements analyzed in special laboratories.

Aesthetic functions in synergy with the best laboratorial facilities, results of research in loco.


Controle de temperatura digital:
Thermal protector for disarming high temperature to reach 100°c. General shutdown of the equipment. Automatic reset when the temperature drops 95°c.

Capacidade: up to 4 liters of paraffin

Altura: 300 mm
Dimensão externa: 310 mm
Dimensão interna : 180 mm
Peso: 6,5 kg
Potência: 300 watts
Tensão: 110/127 volts or 200/240 volts 50/60 hertz

Acessórios incluídos:
01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate