Cryostat CM2850

Cryostat CM2850
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To allow analysis of tissue by light microscopy, they must be sectioned into thin and uniform slices. The optimum thickness may varies with the purpose of the study; it is recommended that the thickness from 4 to 6 mm in routine laboratories.
The instrument able to fabricate cuts with such precision is the microtome, consisting of three parts: body, block holder and object holder. It is considered also that some models have two handles, an adjustment crank and another cut.
Cryostat is used for making tissue sections that have been frozen. This equipment consists of a packaged rotary microtome inside a cold room with temperature below - 20 ° C.


Function and Characteristics:

It is designed under overall engineering and ergonomic concept. All the components are processed with computer numerical controlled machine

Specimen retraction function to proevent specimen from blade injury

With counter to calculate total thickness
Mandatory refrigeration structure be used compressor with pro-environment refrigerant R404

Adopt to UV and O3 sterilize for 30 minutes every time
Peltier for Specimen Clamp refrigeration may be on or off manually
Two defrost methods: automatic and manual

The high-precision unit is enclosed outside the cryostat chamber to protect it from thermal expansion and contraction , and keep minimum clearance and maintenance.

Artificial intelligence interface that easy to learn and operate.
LCD screen can display data such as thickness, thickness sum , controlling time, temperature, timed on/off and so on

Sleep Function. After activating this function, the temperature in cryostat chamber can be kept between - 1℃ an -10℃; when stop this function, the temperature in freeze chamber will arrive to working temperature within 30 minutes .

Control panel with locking function could to avoid wrong operation.

Handwheel locking function .
Wide freezing shelf may put 8 specimen cassettes .

Standard Delivery Include:

• 1 microtome

• 1 disposable Blade holder

• 1 Hexagonal Wrench

• 1 M5 Allen Key , 1 M3 Allen Key

• 1 box of Feather disposable blade

• 6 specimen clamp

• 1 power cord

• 2 fuse

• 1 operation manual

Technical Specifications

• Freeze chamber temperature rage: -35℃

• Freeze shelf minimum temperature:-45℃

• Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on freeze shelf :-55℃

• Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on Specimen Clamp : -50℃(working time of Peltier is 15 minutes.)

• Maximum specimen size 35*35mm

• Specimen vertical stroke:48mm ◎Specimen horizontal stroke:15mm

• Coarse feeding speed:300μm/s or 900μm/s ◎Section thickness range: 0 μm~100μm adjustable; 0μm~3μm, in 0.5μm increment;

3μm~10μm, in 1μm increments; 10μm~20μm, in 2μm increments; 20μm~100μm, in 5μm increments;

• Retraction range: 0-80um, in 5um increments

• Voltage and frequency:220VAC ±10%,50Hz/110VAC ±10% 60Hz

• Power:≤1000VA

• Weight:130kg

• Dimensions(W×D×H):805×715×1210mm