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Linear Slide Stainer: LST94
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Staining of tissues

The use of dyes is key to view the tissue under the light microscope. After the microtome, the cells and extracellular material are typically transparent and dyes enhance visualization of tissue structures.
The dyes applied to stain tissues that were previously set are called non vital stains, such as hematoxylin, eosin, fuchsin, among others.
We can also stain cells in culture or cell bodies are still alive; in this case, it is necessary to use dyes called vital that do not cause damage to cells and also does not interfere with cell metabolism. Among them are: the trypan blue, green Janus B, trypan red, methylene blue, neutral red, among others.
The automation of this process can be done with Slide Stainers.


The model tissue Processor is an apparatus used for
routine staining of animal, plant and human body
tissue. It can be widely used in such institutions as
hospitals, scientific research institutes, universities and
judicial departments for clinical pathologic analysis and
research on animal and plant cells.


● Self-adapted cover used with the multiple gasket

seal produces excellent sealing performance, which minimizes the volatilization loss of the liquid.

● The organic glass housing, sealing strips and

double layer active carbon filter ensure that the air in the room is not polluted.

The larger screen liquid crystal display enables the operator to see clearly the operation condition.

Manual operation can be used at will during running to adjust the staining efficiently.

Microtome sections are washed with circulating water to ensure clean sections without contamination.

The efficient large liquid tank can process as many as 96 microtome sections one time.

Technical Parameters

● quantity of Liquid tank: 19

include loading capacity at a time: 96 pieces of slides

Capacity of Liquid tank: 800ml

quantity of circulating water tank: 2

retention time in each tank: 1 second~99

minutes and 59 seconds (can be set as need)

moving up and down: stirring every 15seconds

power supply: 220V±10% at 50Hz

power: 120W

outside dimensions(mm):1247×470×550

weight: 75 kg

Standard Delivery Include:

● 1 Stainer
● 2 Basket
● 1 Power cord
● 2 Fuse

● 1 1.5M Soft tube
● 1 Corner Valve
● 1 Three way pipe
● 4 connector

● 1 Pointed valve pipe
● 1 Teflon Tape
● 1 Operation Manual