Histologic Bath BH2015

Equipment built with high strength PU resin, external finishing in white with epoxy paint.
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Distension of the cuts and transfer to the blades

The sections from the paraffin blocks form a tape, which must be sectioned into smaller pieces. These sections are then transferred to a Histologic bath containing water at a temperature of 40°C which are maintained for distention. Then immerses the blade diagonally in bath until Histologic sections are attached to it. To avoid blistering the transfer must be careful. Finally, the blade is removed from the water and complete drying and bonding of cuts occur at room temperature or a heated plate.


Equipment built with high strength pu resin, external finishing in white with epoxy paint.

Aluminum inner tank in black with electrostatic powder paint which provides an excellent view of the histological sections and high resistance to oxidation.

Wide borders, with xx mm length, provide accommodation and pre-heating of blades.

On/off key with led indicator through.

Temperature control: room temperature up to 90 degrees with a variation of + / - 2 degrees through digital thermostat.
The design pragmatic functions meets the use requirements analyzed in special laboratories.

Aesthetic functions in synergy with the best laboratorial facilities, results of research in loco.

Thermal protector for disarming high temperature to reach 100°c. General shutdown of the equipment. Automatic reset when the temperature drops 95°c.


Controle de temperatura:
Temperatura ambiente até 90ºc com variação de +/- 2 c, através de termostato analógico ou digital.

Capacity: up to 2 liters of water

Tank height: 90 mm
External dimension: 360 mm
Internal dimension: 260 mm
Equipment height: 100 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg

Power: 350 watts
Voltage: 110/127 volts or 200/240 volts 50/60 hertz

Informações adicionais:
01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate